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of your GPT Innovations

Your go-to partner for integrating on-premise LLM solutions. We handle the hardware, software, and support, letting you focus on your core AI technology.

On-Premise LLM solution for AI Startups

Facing deployment hurdles? Lack of IT infrastructure at client sites delaying your AI solution's launch? We've got you covered.

Infrastructure Gap

Clients often lack the necessary setup for on-premise solutions, complicating deployment.

Resource Drain

Tackling hardware and maintenance can divert your focus and resources.

Deployment Delays

Without the right support, sales and implementation cycles stretch longer than necessary.

Tailored Hardware Solutions

Optimal Performance, Cost-Effective Setup


Custom Configurations

From single GPU setups to multi-node, multi-GPU clusters, we engineer the optimal hardware environment for your budget and performance needs, ensuring the best token/$ ratio.

Always Up-to-Date

Cutting-Edge Technology Without the Hassle


Continuous Updates & Support

Stay ahead with the latest AI models and frameworks. We monitor daily updates and manage everything from the OS, Docker, and NVIDIA drivers to CUDA, PyTorch, model updates, databases, vector DBs, and more—ensuring your application is always ready with the latest advancements.

Versatile Application Support

Broad Use Cases for Diverse Needs


Advanced AI Implementations

Whether it's LLM inference, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), or model fine-tuning, our infrastructure supports a wide array of AI applications to fit your specific requirements.

Comprehensive Tech Stack Expertise

Ready to Support Your Favorite Tools


Extensive Library of Technologies

Our support extends to leading-edge tools including DeepSpeed, llama.cpp, BentoML, Jina, Triton Server, Deepchecks, PrivateGPT, and many others. We're equipped to handle complex setups and integrations with a variety of technologies like Milvus, Chroma, pgvector, Lora, and QLora.

Tailored Solutions, Seamless Deployments

Specific needs? Schedule a consultation with our on-premise LLM deployment specialists.

Custom Hardware

We provide the right infrastructure tailored to your solution's needs.

Comprehensive Support

From setup to maintenance, we manage it all, ensuring smooth operations.

Accelerated Deployment

With our expertise, your solution goes live faster, streamlining your path to market.

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